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  • Voorzitter: dhr. A.B.M. (Boni) Rietveld, orthopaedisch chirurg
  • Vice-voorzitter: dhr. R.M.H. (Rob) Chorus, huisarts
  • Telefoon secretariaat: 070-3302076 (Bereikbaar op dinsdag, woensdag, donderdag & vrijdag van 10h-12h & 14h-16h. Op maandag gesloten.
  • Email: of
Dutch Performing Arts Medicine Association

Mission Statement

The Dutch Performing Arts Medicine Association ( NVDMG) was founded on April 1st 2005 by a group of medical specialists and general practitioners with an interest in Performing Arts Medicine. It is an academic, scientific association for physicians, psychologists, scientists and allied healthcare practitioners who are interested in dance and music, but it is also open to all other interested parties. It has grown to over 200 members, mainly physicians and psychologists, but also including physiotherapists, scientists, dance-teachers, students and several institutional members. Institutional membership is intended for dance-companies, orchestras, dance-academies, conservatoires and hospitals.

Performing Arts Medicine embraces scientific research into the kinetics of dance and music and the specific ailments of performing artists.

The mission of the NVDMG is to:

  1. increase awareness, interest and expertise in Performing Arts Medicine and Science, hence improving the health and wellbeing of dancers and musicians.
  2. promote contact, friendship and communication among interested physicians, psychologists, scientists and allied healthcare practitioners,
  3. provide a scientific framework for Performing Arts Medicine and to monitor its quality.

The vision of the NVDMG is to form an academic, scientific forum for Performing Arts Medicine where its members and other interested people can meet, communicate and cooperate. By enhancing the visibility of Performing Arts Medicine, by stimulating scientific research and by offering education, training and awareness, the association facilitates purposeful prevention and treatment (care and cure) for dancers and musicians. The NVDMG adopted the international medical, scientific journal “Medical Problems of Performing Artists” (MPPA) as its official publication.

  • Concretely the NVDMG is achieving its Mission by:
  • organizing a biannual Member Assembly (Genees & Kunst) with a scientific, artistic and social program and publishing its proceedings in MPPA
  • organizing training, accredited courses (continuous medical education) and other educational, teaching activities
  • organizing (inter-)national performing arts medicine conferences
  • supporting existing medical centers for performing arts medicine and stimulating new initiatives and projects for multidisciplinary cooperation
  • initiating and supervising scientific research and the development of (inter-) national standards and protocols in performing arts medicine
  • disseminating information via its (Website) and publications,
  • maintaining contact, coordination and cooperation with similar associations at home and abroad, informing its members about (inter-)national conferences
  • maintaining contact with relevant scientific associations and universities
  • founding (and funding) of an (extraordinary) Academic Chair for Performing Arts Medicine.
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